ZyDAS 1201 chipset under Debian Etch

I have created a Debian package containing firmware for the zd1201 driver. This package works with Debian Etch, and probably also Debian Sarge, Lenny, and various Ubuntu. Basically anything with a 2.6.12 kernel or higher, running udev (not hotplug), that keeps firmware in /lib/firmware.

The package simply places the two firmware files from the zd1201 project webpage, zd1201.fw and zd1201-ap.fw, and places them in /lib/firmware. It is not difficult to set this up without the package, but it saves you from having to do it.

Anyway, here it is: zd1201-firmware_2.16.0.0-01_all.deb.

A quick request: if you use this package and it works (it should), let me know by commenting, or just shoot an email to matthewpoer@gmail.com. Thank you.

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