Philospophy & Religion

True to Me

I must say, O’Reilly sure looks like an ass when he starts talking about how Jesus is true to him, but does not have to be true to anyone else. Truth doesn’t work like that. The God Delusion has been on my to-read list for a year or so, but it just jumped to the top.

During my first semester at college, I realized that a disappointingly high percentage of my fellow students are theists.

Social Evolution

Given that we have reached a point in our evolutionary paths where biologic genetic change has ceased, we are left to further our species in different ways, on a conscious level.

The new evolutionary path will better how we interact socially (on both national and an individual scale), and how we incorporate our technical and mechanical innovations into our natural bodies.

Our current social situations, both on a national and personal scale, are often painful. Pain, for most people and societies, often causes a desire for revenge or retaliation.Obviously, the revenge action will cause pain to the first party, or, with a “pecking order” reaction, a third party. Eventually, there are many, many people or peoples angry with one another.

It would be logical to assume that the majority or pain-causing actions in history were acts of revenge. There must be some original inappropriate act, but for practicality purposes, the original act is irrelevant. All that matters is the traceable history and the projected future.

So the problem is simple: people cause other people pain because other people harmed them first. These people will retain their fear of pain and unleash it as anger or violence to others. It is as easy as Cause and Effect; In and Out.

One must consider the effect of people simply denying their revenge impulse. Without a negative input, there will be no negative output.

Christians should be familiar with the idea of “turning the other cheek”. Buddhists know to never harm another living thing. These ideas should be adapted by every individual, and by government legislation to evolve human societies.

Where are We Going? How are We Getting There?

It occurs to me that the question in life is not exactly “Where are we going?” The answer to that is annoyingly clear. We are going to die. To an atheist, that is all. To a religious person, we are going to heaven, hell, purgatory, or right back here (reincarnation), depending on the particular faith. Either way, we know where we are going.

So to me, the bigger question is, “How are we getting there?”

For me, life is more about the journey than the destination. I think that I can enjoy life more this way. I’ve always been one to try to be very efficient, and get to the end result as quickly as possible. However, if the end result of life is death, and nothing but death, perhaps I should take my time getting there.

I have duties and responsibilities to those around me while I am here, alive. And because I must remain here, I owe it to myself to be happy and have a decent time. I believe all people are in the same situation.

There is really no need to rush, for an atheist.

However, the Christians, and others believing in an afterlife of supreme comfort, should be pretty anxious to get where they believe they are going. I suggest those who are confident in their faith kill themselves. It seems both logical and efficient that you be with your God, resting in your eternal happy-place, as quickly as possible.

Relgion, Free Will, and The Slope of a Vertical Line

I think the title of this post is a pretty good indicator of where I am heading with this writing. I have thought about Relgion (mainly Man’s reliance on it) and the theories of Free Will and Fate a lot, and decided that none truly exist. These ideas… these perceptions… they are false.

But not false as in zero - a common anaolgoy for non-existance. Instead, think of it in a mathamatical term of ‘undefined’.

The slope of a vertical line on a two-deminsional plane is undefined. The vertical line has no real ’slope’ or incline, and yet doesn’t deviate from this at any point. It differers from the horizontal line in that the horizontal line is sloped completely, yet does not have an incline.
It is similar to attempting to divide a number by zero: it is not zero. It isn’t postivie or negative; it is simply ‘undefined’. The thought of Free Will is the same as the thought of Fate in the end result, whih is our present and future reality: The Slope of a Vertical Line.