Site Dead

Well, to be honest I had forgotten that this place existed until I google’d myself. I haven’t updated this site in over two years. Please excuse extremely out-of-data content if you do find yourself here.

If you’d really like to check-in on me, find me just about anywhere:

SciTE (Or, the best IDE/Text Editor Around)

scite-terminal-output.jpgSo this semester I am taking Java classes at Kennesaw State University. We’ve been using a Java-based text-editor/compiler called jGRASP, which is not bad. But I have found myself, having some familiarity with other text editors, preferring to use Kate or Nano and then manually compile the program.

But I have felt a bit torn: there are not many advantages to useing jGRASP over Kate, but two that I notice (being a novice) are the compile- and run-applet-buttons. Now, Kate does have a great built-in terminal (Konsole), so it is very easy to compile and run programs. But there isn’t a button.

So I asked myself: is there another text editor that has a simple “compile” and/or “run” button? I tried the resource-hungry IDEs, NetBeans and Eclipse, but they just won’t run on my meager laptop with any speed.

But today, I found SciTE. SciTE falls somewhere in between text-editor and IDE. It doesn’t have all of the classes, functions, libraries, and such filled in, or menu-ed, or anything of the sort. It does, however, have a compile-button (and hotkey) and a run-hotkey. Type in your code and press “F7″ to compile *.java and then “F5″ to run the current file.

Of course, built into SciTE is syntax highlighting for all of the major programming and scripting languages, from Ada to YAML. Tabs, an input/output terminal, line-folding, and session-management are all there and functional.scite-langs.jpg

And SciTE is fast. It runs in GTK+, and loads noticeably quicker than QT-based Kate or Java-based JGrasp. Nano does probably beats SciTE in speed, but this is understandable since Nano is ncurses-based, and not graphical.

In short, apt-get install scite. Run scite and be ready to be impressed by my new favorite text editor/IDE.

Microsoft’s Windows Acknowledges Existance of Linux?

politems.JPGI was searching for a completely unrelated file and happened upon this screen capture I took about a year ago. It struck me because Windows was indirectly acknowledging the existence of a Linux partition (or, more correctly stated, an EXT3 FileSystem). This seems odd to anyone who as ever tryed to set up a dual-boot system by installing Windows after a Linux OS. The result, of course, is that Windows cannot recognize any file systems but NTFS and FAT, and thus wipes the existing EXT2/3 or Raiser partitions.

I was really blown away when I saw this message pop up. For reference, this system was running Windows XP Professional, and this occurs in Computer Management > Disk Management.

Research Essay Woes

So apparently everything that I thought that I was going to write about doesn’t really work out. I have two pages of rambling about comparing statistics that no longer matter to anything.

“Did the 21st amendment cause the 1933 drop in homicide rate?”

How do I turn “yeah, probably” into 5-6 pages?!

I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s 5 AM. I have two large energy drinks still in me. My bleeding eyes just want to rest but they simply won’t close. I find myself citing the uncylopedia. My daughter will wake up at 7:30. My wife will probably be up around 8, and I’ve promised to help her with her assignments that are due tomorrow afternoon. This essay is due Tuesday afternoon. I guess I still have some time to work on it. It’s just a rough draft anyway. But man, it’s hard!

I feel ill. Ask.com is really neat, now.