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Too Much Computer

I swear my eyes are going to bleed. I’ve been crying for the past 45 minutes because they are so strained.

I should to bed early tonight.

On Reading, and Current Readings

Currently Reading:
‘The Tristan Betrayal’ by Robert Ludlum
‘The Book of Mormon,’ Joseph Smith, Jun
‘Work Hard, Study… And Stay out of Politics!’ Jim Baker III

Clearly, I believe in light reading and heavy reading. Which I choose depends on my mood.

I find that by reading more often than I used to,I have actually felt somewhat healthier, and certainly smarter.

No, reading doesn’t make you a smarter person. But, unlike television, it doesn’t make you less intelligent.

Also, reading frequently helps build your vocaublary. Having a larger vocabulary can help you express your thoughts and emotions more accuratly and clearly, making your communcation with others much more rewarding and productive.

Adventures in Stress Management

I wrote recently about my Coder’s Block, which I defined as writer’s block for writing computer programming code. Now I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better, and I was able to successfully write many lines of code, and more importantly, format my functional files in such a way that each will be relatively easy to write at any time.

I will attribute the Coder’s Block to lack of sleep and general stress on my mind and body. We’ve been traveling this week, and I am writing this from a friend’s apartment in Vero Beach, Florida. However, last night I rested well, and my daughter has been especially cute today, so I am much less stressed than last night.

Normally I handle stress well. I can usually keep myself calm in hard situations, and try to remain logical and controlled at all times. But everyone has a point where they become either non-functional or even dysfunctional.

That is why I am ready for a stress management pill. It seems to me that at a certain point, when a person is taking on stress, some chemical eventually overpowers another in such a way that the person can no longer function properly. If this is the case, there should be a way to add a bit of the stress reduction/management chemical, or subtract the stress-causing chemical, or both.

Used responsibly after being carefully prescribed, this sort of pill would be much more effective and efficient than counting to 10.

The Importance of Mathmatics?

Scicence Magazine has released a listing of the top scientific breakthroughs in 2006. Included in the list are discoveries in nanoscience relating to the human brain remembers things, a potential cure for vision degradation as a result of ageing, and proving that ice caps are shrinking (thought that is not proof of Global Warming).

But the top breakthrough of 2006 was Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman’s solution to the Poincare Conjecture. Apparently the Poincare Conjecture has been driving some really smart math-geeks nuts for about a century.

The Poincare is a central question in topology, the study of the geometrical properties of objects that do not change when they are stretched, distorted or shrunk.

The surface of the Earth is what topology describes as a two-dimensional sphere. If one were to encircle it with a lasso of string, it could be pulled tight to a point.

On the surface of a doughnut, however, a lasso passing through the hole in the centre cannot be shrunk to a point without cutting through the surface.

BBC News

I gues I just don’t see why that is better than potentially finding a cure for vision degredation, or mapping of the human brain.