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Customers Know what they Want, but they Want what they Know.

Brilliant business advice from T-Rex and crew, with such immortal ideas such as “Customers know what they want, but they want what they know.”

Thoughts While Shopping at Home Depot

You would expect the restrooms at Home Depot and similar stores to be really extravagant. It would be a really great area of the store for demonstrations on bathroom product. How many customers per week come into the store looking for products or ideas related to building or remodeling their bathroom?

Corner cabinets are really a niche product.

Gracefully Powering Down a Frozen Debian (Based) Machine

A great guide from ArsGeek shows how to issue keystrokes that speak directly to the kernel, bypassing the need for an xterm or tty. This method is much better than a “hard” power off.

ArsGeek evens offers a mnemonic way to remember the odd series of keystrokes: “Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring - RSEIUB”


I recently found xkcd, a web comic for nerds.

I was reading the though the archives, about 100 comics or so. Then my cursor accidentally moved over the comic. An html attribute, title, was used on the comic images, with a bit of description not shown elseware on the comic web page.

So now I will have to re-read each comic.