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My Less-Zealous Autoconfig

I recently created a wireless auto-config script myself. It is a bit more basic than the script depicted in today’s XKCD. Essentially, the user will run the program (netconf) with an argument to indicate what network to connect to. The script will then run ifdown eth0, remove and then add the bcm43xx module, select the appropriate /etc/network/interfaces file, and ifup eth0 again.

I made it because I often have issues with my bcm43xx after a sleep/resume cycle, and found that removing and then adding the module fixes it. It also makes it easy to switch between the WPA network at school and the WEP network at home.

To use it, you’ll need a broadcom card (using the bcm43xx module), then just set up your own /etc/network/interfaces.PLACE file, where PLACE is something like “home” or “school” to indicate where you will use the file. Then edit the script to reflect this filename and place name. You can download the script right here: netconf

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