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Little Girls are Odd

My two-year-old thinks that when she is sitting in her high chair with colored pencils and a coloring book that her job is to move all of the colored pencils to the floor. She will sit and actively pick up pencils, and drop them past her feet. Sometimes she places a pencil in between her toes, and lowers it nearer to the floor before dropping it.

Once all of the pencils are gone, she says “All Done!” in her little-girl speech (which is slightly below average enunciation for her age). I pick her up and put her on the floor, hand her the pencil bag, and she proceeds to put each pencil away in its bag.

Overall, the process takes at least half an hour, and she is relatively quiet. I am very confused as to why she feels the pencils should be scattered on the floor. But how can I complain when she cleans up her own mess?

I don’t think there is a conclusion here to draw. Little girls are just silly and that is that.