My family has just returned from our pediatrician’s office. Today we went to have my daughter’s cough checked on, for the third time. The first visit she was dismissed with a cold. Second time, given antibiotics for an ear infection. Today, a real diagnoses: Asthma.

I was diagnosed with several allergies and asthma only weeks before my second birthday. Kayleigh is almost the exact same age, she will be two in September.

When I was young, an upset about various pieces of my life, I used asthma as an excuse. It kept me from having to work in gym class, but I also let myself believe that it hindered me from other things. I blamed my poor social skills on asthma, and actually preferred to think of myself as a nerd and an outcast. I let it be a part of how I defined myself.

One of my largest fears in being a father has been that my daughter will have asthma and allergies similar to what I have had. While the severity is obviously unknown at this point, I realize this is a fear that has began to, and will likely continue to, manifest. I am scared, but, I know that I cannot let my fear for my daughter impact the way I help her.

I know what went wrong with my asthma. I used it, and let it define me. The healthier thing to do, both mentally and physically, is to exercise and take care to suppress the asthmatic symptoms. An asthmatic person will typically have flare-ups through-out their life. However, when the state of a person’s respiratory system is healthy, the flare-ups will be much less severe and much more rare.

So I know what I have to do: Teach my daughter how to keep her body health, particularly her respiratory system and lungs. Health is not my strong-suit, so to do this effectively I will have to learn, myself, how to stay healthy.

Fortunately I have a have a few years before Kayleigh is of age to need an exercise regiment. Children, generally, get plenty of exercise voluntarily, running in circles, dancing, and riding bicycles.

My long term goal is to teach my daughter how to keep herself healthy. To do this, I must learn how to make myself healthy. This will be one of the greatest challenges in my life, and it is one that I must accept and put forth a full effort to accomplish.

Because I love my daughter.

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