How Kqemu works.

I haven’t been instant messageing for a while, particularly because the only person I instant message with is Kyle, and he’s been in Iraq defending the world against fundamentalist Islamic extremists.

But now he’s at home for a couple of weeks. And the Instant Messages flow. Here’s a clip, as we discussed QEMU, the open-source virtual machine, and its processor module kqemu.

(05:22:15 PM) Matthew Poer: kqemu isn’t essential, but it helps. It just makes qemu run processes in a more efficient (read: faster) way that I don’t really understand.
(05:23:23 PM) Kyle Isom: hmm
(05:23:39 PM) Kyle Isom: maybe they transport tiny hamsters over the internet to add some extra oomph
(05:23:53 PM) Kyle Isom: that would be extremely kung-foo
(05:25:46 PM) Matthew Poer: but how can you translate even a small mammal over TCP/IP without running some sort of recipient daemon? You’re talking all crazy. Qemu doesn’t background or daemonize!
(05:25:54 PM) Kyle Isom: it doesn’t have to
(05:26:01 PM) Kyle Isom: it includes a little known kernel module automagic
(05:26:11 PM) Kyle Isom: it does it over UDP
(05:26:16 PM) Matthew Poer: Ah!
(05:26:20 PM) Kyle Isom: which is why they transport so many
(05:26:24 PM) Kyle Isom: because so many don’t makeit
(05:26:42 PM) Kyle Isom: it does it over ssh
(05:26:48 PM) Kyle Isom: so you won’t see the qemu process
(05:27:24 PM) Matthew Poer: Are we talking like, 50% hamster loss? If PETA finds out…
(05:27:45 PM) Kyle Isom: that’s why it’s in linux
(05:27:53 PM) Kyle Isom: it confuses the furry animal people

Ah, the casual jesting of nerds.

(Transcript reprinted without permission. My conversations are GPL whether yours are or not!)

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