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Viewing PowerPoint Presentations in Linux

You may have noticed that occasionally, presentations made in Microsoft Office PowerPoint lose a bit of their formatting and functionality when they are played in OpenOffice or KPresentation.

Well, now that won’t be a problem. That is, if you don’t mind using WINE and/or a Microsoft product.

The solution is Microsoft’s Free PowerPoint 2003 Viewer application. Probably intended for Windows users, it works perfectly well with WINE. Just run “wine ppviewer.exe” after you download the installer and wine will handle it.

The neat trick is adding PowerPoint Viewer to your Open With menu. To do this with KDE, open up K Control Center, Click under KDE Components and File Associations. Look under “Applications” and click on “mspowerpoint.” You will need to click “Add” and then type in /usr/bin/wine” to the select program dialog box. Clicking “OK” will update your system configuration, but you are not done yet.

Unfortunantly, the command to use wine to start PowerPoint Viewer is a bit long, and difficult to make into a menu item. It only takes one more step, though. Click “Edit” on the new entry you have made (”wine”). Go to the Application tab. Name it something more descriptive, such as “PowerPoint Viewer (WINE).” Then instruct it to use this command:

/usr/bin/wine “.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/PowerPoint Viewer/PPTVIEW.EXE”

Click “OK” to update your system configuration. Now when you right-click a PowerPoint file, you can select PowerPoint Viewer from the “Open With” menu. No more messy formatting!

Similar tricks can be used with the Word Viewer 2003, Excel Viewer 2003, and PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

Win and Loss for KDE

Today I switched two seperate applications, one to and one from the KDE application.

Koffice over OpenOffice

  • much Faster start time
  • neat wrapper-shell
  • Better KDE look-and-feel compatibility than openoffice-kde
  • File, Statistics shows Word Count, and if text is selected, shows word count for selected text.
  • negative: KDE Pseudo-Printer PDF is buggy. These two documents used Bitstream Vera Serif, size 12. article2response.pdf was produced by OpenOffice 2.0, and article3response.pdf was produced by Kword.
  • negative: interface is a bit buggy, with overlaying lines, dots, etc as you scroll thru pages

Gaim over Kopete

  • Easier configuration: less options, but does not seem less functional
  • GTK based, but still sits in KDE system tray
  • gaim-festival. gaim-thinklight. neat!
  • This Kopete bug that shows itself in Etch.

Kopete Bug 59080 (Kopete does not keep toolbar settings)

This is another disappointing bug in Etch (this one following the Kontact Calendar Summary View bug).

As described in the bug report, Kopete’s chat window will not remember that I have chosen to not display the Format toolbar. This bug is annoying, and there is a patch. But it inhibit me very much, so I do not know if I will patch it.

At least this wasn’t release critical. I still think the Kontact bug was very critical and that the summary plug-in should have been removed from Etch. Or just fixed.

Too Much Computer

I swear my eyes are going to bleed. I’ve been crying for the past 45 minutes because they are so strained.

I should to bed early tonight.