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Baby’s First Misdemeanor

My family is in Panama City, Florida, this week, on vacation. We’re staying in a condominium. On the door to the patio is this reasonable rule:

It is illegal in the state of Florida to drop anything from the balconies or walkways.

Well, I do not think she, or I, would be arrested for it, but Kayleigh chucked a teddy-gram (or a chip, or cookie, or something) off our balcony at the condo today. We’re 12 stories up (plus 3 parking levels, so 15, really).

I was watching the family through some cheap binoculars my dad bought, and Kayleigh snuck up carrying the item. As I pulled the binoculars away and looked down at her, her arm was just reeling back after tossing the snack.

Sometimes I forget that the child needs 24/7 monitoring.