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Kopete Bug 59080 (Kopete does not keep toolbar settings)

This is another disappointing bug in Etch (this one following the Kontact Calendar Summary View bug).

As described in the bug report, Kopete’s chat window will not remember that I have chosen to not display the Format toolbar. This bug is annoying, and there is a patch. But it inhibit me very much, so I do not know if I will patch it.

At least this wasn’t release critical. I still think the Kontact bug was very critical and that the summary plug-in should have been removed from Etch. Or just fixed.

Too Much Computer

I swear my eyes are going to bleed. I’ve been crying for the past 45 minutes because they are so strained.

I should to bed early tonight.

Gracefully Powering Down a Frozen Debian (Based) Machine

A great guide from ArsGeek shows how to issue keystrokes that speak directly to the kernel, bypassing the need for an xterm or tty. This method is much better than a “hard” power off.

ArsGeek evens offers a mnemonic way to remember the odd series of keystrokes: “Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring - RSEIUB”