The Abuse Begins

As you may have read, I recently purchased a Thinkpad T21 to replace my ~9 years old Thinkpad 600. The 600 gave out: the Hard Disk Drive broke, an audio wire disconnected somewhere inside the chassis, rendering the speakers useless, and a RAM stick died.

I suspect that the culprit for the demise of the 600 was, along with age, my daughter. I see a correlation between the gradual decay of the computer and her learning to walk, and occasionnly choosing to stand atop the computer when it was closed. I caught her twice, so I suspect I did not catch her at least a few more times.

It is not really her fault, being 18 months old. Such things happen. But still, I intend to be a little more protective of the T21. I do not want it being stepped upon.

But even though I am taking proactive defensive measures, this morning Kayleigh managed to drool on the screen. As we were watching Big Big World videos on the PBS Kids web site, she watching it upside down, standing over the screen, a single drop of drool emerged from her mouth and dropped onto the edge of the viewport below.

An immediate “uh-oh” from the child as she pointed to the drool.

At least she gets it. It is an honest mistake from an innocent. The drool was wiped away and no damage was done. Still, I see this as a sign of things to come.

And as I conclude this writing, I find myself telling my daughter not to sit on the keyboard as she tries to scoot into my lap while watching television.

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