Yay! For XTerminals

Yes, evan this old 64 MB RAM, 233 MHZ Pentium II machine can run a full KDE suite with awesome speed and power! How, you ask? Simple: this comptuer is an Xterminal. The only work this machine does it traffic the XServer and XClient communications of my network.

Basically, Debian users can follow this guide, but ignore nearly half of it. Here is what makes this rather easy for me to do, and perhaps you, too.

  1. I do not use xfs
  2. I have a home network, behind a firewall/router
  3. GDM (KDM had xauth troubles, I still do not know why).

So, for two systems (I will call them XTerminal and Xmain for referance here, Xterminal being the older slower machine), there are really only a few steps, ignoring security.

  1. aptitude install gdm (both machines)
  2. (reboot or start gdm) (both machines)
  3. (Xmain) In GDM, click the Options and Configure Login Manager button on the log-in screen.
  4. (Xmain) On the Remote tab, click Configure XDMCP. Check to allow it, on port 117. This may be done already.
  5. (XTerminal) On the GDM Log In screen, click options and select “XDMCP Chooser”. Find the host you want on the list (the Xmain). It may take a few seconds to list your host.
  6. Click your host when yousee it, and log into it via the host’s GDM.
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