The Importance of This Week’s Newspapers (To Me)

This week I am proving to myself that I am awesome at Sudoku. I choose to do this by playing every day’s puzzile from this week’s Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It is a challange, because, while Monday’s puzzle is rather easy, Tuesday’s is harder, and Wednesday’s is consecutivly harder, and so on. Both Friday’s and Saturday’s puzzle are 5 out of 5 starts of difficulty.

Then comes Sunday: Monster Sudoku. 4 by 4 squares instead of 3 by 3, using the numbers 1 thru 9 and the letters A thru F. Sunday will be a long day for me.

Basically, if I fail today, I’ll feel like a loser until next Monday, at which point I will have to start this all over.

I’m going to go get the paper in now…

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