Adventures in Stress Management

I wrote recently about my Coder’s Block, which I defined as writer’s block for writing computer programming code. Now I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better, and I was able to successfully write many lines of code, and more importantly, format my functional files in such a way that each will be relatively easy to write at any time.

I will attribute the Coder’s Block to lack of sleep and general stress on my mind and body. We’ve been traveling this week, and I am writing this from a friend’s apartment in Vero Beach, Florida. However, last night I rested well, and my daughter has been especially cute today, so I am much less stressed than last night.

Normally I handle stress well. I can usually keep myself calm in hard situations, and try to remain logical and controlled at all times. But everyone has a point where they become either non-functional or even dysfunctional.

That is why I am ready for a stress management pill. It seems to me that at a certain point, when a person is taking on stress, some chemical eventually overpowers another in such a way that the person can no longer function properly. If this is the case, there should be a way to add a bit of the stress reduction/management chemical, or subtract the stress-causing chemical, or both.

Used responsibly after being carefully prescribed, this sort of pill would be much more effective and efficient than counting to 10.

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