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Why Aren’t My Computers Perfect?

If one software development model is so far superior to the other, why aren’t my operating system and software applications perfect? It is obvious that Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux (the major players of proprietary and open source) are each lacking in many areas.Neither model focus entirely on what the end-user wants and needs. In fact, I believe it is nearly impossible for an experianced computer user, much less an advanced programmer, to view a computer application through the eyes of my computer-illiterate mother.

For her, things need to be very easy to read, see, and understand. She needs a single button for her email client, web browser, photo manager, media manager, etc. She needs each program to work effectively, intuitively and be highly functional. She needs her All-In-One peripheral to work every time. In fact, it should be imbedded with the computer itself. She needs a machine that does exactly what she wants it to do, and nothing less.

She does not differentiate between the hardware and the software. To her, her computer is broke if a program freezes. The best device for her would be a perfect operating system and application suite embedded into a monitor/AIO with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard with extra buttons to launch specific applications. If there must be a wire on the device, it could be a power cord, and possibly a network cable.
And for traveling users, these devices should be mobile and have mobile broadband Internet access.

Adventures in Stress Management

I wrote recently about my Coder’s Block, which I defined as writer’s block for writing computer programming code. Now I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better, and I was able to successfully write many lines of code, and more importantly, format my functional files in such a way that each will be relatively easy to write at any time.

I will attribute the Coder’s Block to lack of sleep and general stress on my mind and body. We’ve been traveling this week, and I am writing this from a friend’s apartment in Vero Beach, Florida. However, last night I rested well, and my daughter has been especially cute today, so I am much less stressed than last night.

Normally I handle stress well. I can usually keep myself calm in hard situations, and try to remain logical and controlled at all times. But everyone has a point where they become either non-functional or even dysfunctional.

That is why I am ready for a stress management pill. It seems to me that at a certain point, when a person is taking on stress, some chemical eventually overpowers another in such a way that the person can no longer function properly. If this is the case, there should be a way to add a bit of the stress reduction/management chemical, or subtract the stress-causing chemical, or both.

Used responsibly after being carefully prescribed, this sort of pill would be much more effective and efficient than counting to 10.

Social Evolution

Given that we have reached a point in our evolutionary paths where biologic genetic change has ceased, we are left to further our species in different ways, on a conscious level.

The new evolutionary path will better how we interact socially (on both national and an individual scale), and how we incorporate our technical and mechanical innovations into our natural bodies.

Our current social situations, both on a national and personal scale, are often painful. Pain, for most people and societies, often causes a desire for revenge or retaliation.Obviously, the revenge action will cause pain to the first party, or, with a “pecking order” reaction, a third party. Eventually, there are many, many people or peoples angry with one another.

It would be logical to assume that the majority or pain-causing actions in history were acts of revenge. There must be some original inappropriate act, but for practicality purposes, the original act is irrelevant. All that matters is the traceable history and the projected future.

So the problem is simple: people cause other people pain because other people harmed them first. These people will retain their fear of pain and unleash it as anger or violence to others. It is as easy as Cause and Effect; In and Out.

One must consider the effect of people simply denying their revenge impulse. Without a negative input, there will be no negative output.

Christians should be familiar with the idea of “turning the other cheek”. Buddhists know to never harm another living thing. These ideas should be adapted by every individual, and by government legislation to evolve human societies.

Coder’s Block

I have a huge coding project on the top of my head. I have a lot of the end of the project written out (mostly) in my head.

But I can’t write the code I know how to write, because I have not yet written the beginning pieces of the program. It isn’t that I am not capable, I’ve written login and sessioning scripts in PHP more than once.

The problem is, essentially, writer’s block. But in PHP. And I’ve had it the last few times I loaded Gedit to write the code.

I think I need to take a class in PHP. Perhaps some official learning will help me get more of a grip on the language. I am more than proficient areas of Web Design (XHTML, CSS) which I have both learned myself, and taken classes in.