Shuttleworth the Peacemaker

Mark Shuttleworth spoke out this mornig for his Ubuntu about the controversy between Debian and Mozilla over the use of Firefox trademarks. Mark announced that unlike Debian, Ubuntu has negotiated a deal with Mozilla that is acceptable to both parties, and so that Ubuntu will continue to package Firefox with their systems.

Mark went further to defend both the Debian and Mozilla groups, citing respect for licensing agreements, trademarks, and a sincere desire to do what is best for open source software. He denounced the heated arguments that have sprung up in the controversy, saying,

It’s a very important thing to know that an inability to agree on something - even if that thing turns out to be a dealbreaker - doesn’t mean that the other person is a bad person. Give credit where it is due, state your differences simply and without prejudice. Debian and Mozilla should be able to work together effectively on a browser, even if they can’t agree on a way to call it Firefox.

Mark Shuttleworth is quite a leader for the Ubuntu camp, and a strong ally to all Linux projects and open-source initiatives. It really should not be a surprise that he would defend both his old love, Debian, and a OSS Icon like Firefox.

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